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About Kayocalli

Kayocalli = Kayo + calligraphy

Welcome to kayocalli’s site. I teach Japanese people calligraphy. I also want to introduce the fun of Japanese culture and calligraphy to the people of the world.

All Japanese learn calligraphy as a child. Calligraphy is easy and perfect to know Japanese spirit. Do you not even touch Japanese culture?

I teach children to understand the basics of beautiful characters.
In addition, I try to create a “calm rest” through the intention of making feelings and writing beautiful letters.

Calligraphy is, of course, important in terms of the finished work, but it is rather attractive that the process of creating the work of writing letters is accompanied by a dynamic sensation such as the movement of spirit and rhythm in the silence.

Anyone can easily share the experience. Please feel and experience the charm of calligraphy by all means.

Calligraphy Classes

Calligraphy classes are currently being conducted mainly in Koto Ward, Tokyo. Many of the students are children, but adults are also welcome. Please feel free to contact us from the following places, such as the place of the classroom, the date of implementation, the charge, the request for the tour. In addition, as part of the welfare program of the company, we also conduct business trip classes in your conference room etc. (For adults: calligraphy or ballpoint pen pen class). Please feel free to contact us here. Of course, non-Japanese people should also participate. However, although kayo can not speak English, I think you can look and learn.

One-to-one course


Let’s calm down your mind and write beautiful letters. Even in a short time, by knowing the point of the beautiful character and your own habit, anyone can write the character more surely than now. In addition, focusing on writing is effective not only for practical use, but also for improving your mental well-being and stress tolerance.

Name and frequently used expression master course

With a little practice, from now on look forward to signing! Let’s practice the letters you usually write along well!

Simple sentence balance beautiful character course

By practicing the whole balance with simple sentences, your character will be misidentified!

Hiragana 50 character master course

Beautiful characters are a lifetime treasure. First of all, let’s learn beautiful and correct balance with hiragana. You will feel better if you have letters, and you will feel more confident!

Feel free to pen at the cafe

If you want to learn calligraphy, but can not take a step, please feel free to start with a pen at a cafe.

Under course holding request acceptance! !

Please send us a request to hold a course that you would like to receive! !

Pen-shaped and calligraphy practice courses for children at your home

Private lessons tailored to your child’s pace.

Holding course creation

Please feel free to let us know what you want to hold! !

Challenge to calligraphy! Course to write one letter of favorite

One-to-one network course

In the one-to-one network course, you can learn beautiful characters without having to come to the classroom or cafe.

Please experience the internet course.

In the one-to-one internet course, first, please send the written letters in pdf. When correcting the characters sent by Kayokari, I will shoot the situation with a movie. You can watch videos anytime and again via the internet. It is possible to obtain more than real correction by watching the character correction at a close distance and watching it over and over again.



Calligrapher (Kalligrapher)
Calligraphic history 40 years. 20 years of teaching experience. After acquiring a calligraphy master, we teach from preschoolers to the elderly. The total number of instructors has been over 500. We keep in mind the polite guidance tailored to each pace.


I started Instagram! I’m still unfamiliar, but I’m updating hard so please follow me if you like. I think it would be nice for foreigners to feel familiar with Japanese culture alone and to like them through Instagram.